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Why does it matter if a logo is memorable or not?

According to a recent brand consultancy study, logos that are memorable are 13% more likely to get the attention of consumers, and 7% more likely to make people want to learn more about the brand.

In addition, the study found that when people are familiar with the brand’s logo, they are more likely to think positively about the company, while those who are unfamiliar with the company and its branding are more likely to assign negative values to that same design.

A logo needs to be clear, simple, and ultimately, memorable so that people can assign positive values and attributes to the brand’s symbol – and that’s a lot to ask for from a single graphic. It’s why so many people – from design professionals to brands fans – have strong opinions and emotions when redesigns occur, as was the case in the Uber’s recent redesign and Google’s new look after sixteen years.

It’s important when undertaking a brand redesign or when developing a new identity to be aware of the changing trends. Your work must stand the test of time but also seem modern. To track the changing trends in logo design, DesignMantic have created an infographic: Take a look at it before you begin your next branding project.