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Ever struggle to make decisions?

Beef or chicken? Fish or vegetarian? Make the wrong decision, and you could be staring enviously over the table at what your partner has ordered. Well, actually, I’m sure all of us do that anyway, no matter what we choose.

But in business, those decisions can have more serious consequences compared to ordering the steamed vegetables, rather than the chips. New products or new markets? That supplier or this supplier? Quote £7,000 or £10,000 for that potential new contract.

You may ask your accountant for help. But, have you asked your brand?

Understand your brand, and it can help answer your business decisions. An inspiring brand is a compass that can help guide you and your colleagues. For example, if you’ve decided your customers are looking for a locally-produced, premium offer and are building your brand accordingly, then don’t start selling poor-quality, cut-price imports unless you’re planning a change in the direction of your business.

In our article, Do you know your ‘Why? What? How?’, we talked about the importance of knowing who you are. It defines what you do and how you do it. It becomes a filter and point of focus for all parts of your organisation. In Marketing, HR, Product, Finance and Sales.

In marketing, a clearly defined brand helps make sure your marketing budget is used in the right way to communicate the right messages. And is not being wasted on mixed messages, or wrong messages that don’t inspire your customers.

In HR, it can help you to recruit people that compliment your team and culture. I recently mentored a new Italian restaurant chain. Their brand stood for ‘Passion for life’. They used this to change the recruitment process, moving from simple CVs to asking candidates to take a picture for Instagram and then asking them why they loved it. It helped them uncover the right people for their business.

And, in Sales. Those performing sales or customer service roles can have the biggest impact on your brand and reputation. They are the ones interacting on a regular basis with your customers. Helping them understand your brand will help guide their actions and make the right decisions. Of course, a strong brand will help your sales team too, making it easier to sell.

Ultimately, branding is a significant factor in the effectiveness and efficiency of your business. It can increase customer loyalty, employee retention and enable you to charge a higher price.

If your brand needs to drive more business, Buzzword are experts in developing brands that connect and drive success.

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