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Inspiring brands have a strong sense of who they are.

You’ll also have a pretty good idea of who they are too.

Inspiring brands know their ‘Why? What? How?’ They understand Why they are needed, What they do, and How they do it. It’s clear on their website, and through their advertising. Employees understand, and so do their customers.

Think of brands with longevity such as Disney or McDonalds, or new brands such as Uber and AirBNB and their ‘Why? What? How?’ is clear and consistent. Whether their brand has been ‘making families happy’ for decades like Disney, or less than a decade disrupting transportation by providing ‘rides at the push of a button’, like Uber. Answering ‘Why? What? How?’ provides a simple way to build your brand.


Why do people need you? What is the problem you are trying to solve? The Why looks at trends in your market place and in wider society. Look for insights into your customers behaviour. As far back as the 1950s, McDonalds originally recognised the customer need for consistency. People want to know what to expect, and McDonalds provided them the food they knew, wherever they went.


The What defines your products and services. But think carefully. What is the real business you are in? Uber define their What as transportation. Much more than just taxis. It allows then to think about a wider service range, such as UberEats, that makes the most of their core expertise and increases revenue from other sources.


The How is what really makes you different. It makes you stand out from your competitors and keeps your customers coming back for more. What’s your approach to business? Are you an artisan or do you prefer to utilise the latest technology, are you formal or informal? How do you do things?

Being able to answer these three simple questions ensures you understand your own brand and how to use it to help your business grow.

The ‘Why? What? How? Framework is just one of the tools that our brand experts use when we develop a new brand for our clients.

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