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Branding has always been a key aspect of business. It’s how people recognise you, remember you and build trust. From your website, to your social media page, to your print collateral and word-of-mouth reputation, consistency and value are key attributes of great brands that help get you noticed and maintain competitive edge.

With more digital content than ever before, and increased competition in the expanding digital marketplace, having a brand that resonates and gets you noticed by the right people is crucial to your business.

Forget me not

A great brand means that your customers will remember you. If your brand is familiar, looks appealing and easy to translate, your chances of being remembered are significantly greater.

Don’t just stop at the brand – a compelling branBuzzword brand favourited story, strapline or message will reinforce your brand and cut through competitor noise. Use your unique selling points to project your brand and build a brand persona that your audience relates to.

We love the Charlie Bighams brand for their ethical, honest food and light-hearted approach to changing the perceptions of ready-made meals.

Build trust to build business

People trust what they know. Your customers trust what they know. Whether you operate a product or service business, third party reviews are powerful and satisfied customers are the best brand ambassadors you can get.

Creating trust gives your customer something to shout about and a loyal fan base will help to project your brand across all channels whether it be digital, print or word of mouth.

Great branding reinforces promotion

Branding quote

Whether you invest in all aspects of the marketing mix, or focus on specific channels, a seamless and consistent brand experience is vital. Use social channels to support print campaigns, video or TV to support website content and so on. Make sure your brand and marketing strategy is well executed to give your brand the best publicity possible.

A great brand pays for itself

Branding can increase the value of your business significantly. Businesses such as Rolls Royce, The Goodwood Estate, Apple and Google have much more value than their assets alone – their brands have created their own worth through positive reinforcement and effective imagery and association.

Brands mean business

Whether you are a start-up company or established brand looking to refresh your existing positioning, an effective brand gets you noticed and gives you credibility. Websites, for example, are more important than ever before. They act as a digital shop front to your business and are a major part of the decision making process in the customer purchase journey. A solid, consistent brand is paramount to any business – regardless of business size, demographic or target market.

Need a helping hand with your branding and general market positioning? We’ve been creating branding masterpieces for decades and love a new challenge!

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