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Make 2017 count for your business with an effective business website.

We understand that when it comes to websites and marketing collateral, first impressions count.

Looking back on 2016, there have been some interesting developments in web design, web build tools and templates. Some key trends include:

  • WordPress have developed their templates to make them more user friendly and more secure
  • Full width design has become more widely used
  • There is now more emphasis on mobile friendly websites with the majority of website traffic coming from mobile devices

We pride ourselves on creating engaging websites, logos and marketing material that help our clients to make the right impression at the right time. So we’ve created a Buzzword checklist of 5 key points to consider when it comes to crafting a winning company website:

1) What is your unique selling point?
Is your offering clear and easy to find on your website? What do you want to promote on your website and how will you ensure it is clearly articulated on your home page so that visitors receive the best first impression of your business?

2) Is your business easy to contact?
Include a call to action on each page of your site to ensure your site visitors know the best way to contact you. This not only increases the lines of communication between you and your prospective customers, but will also increase your conversion rates. Ensuring your website is easy to find online is also key. Investing well in SEO is money well spent if it means you are easier to find that your competitors online. A mobile friendly website is essential as the majority of website traffic now comes from mobile devices.



3) Does your website tell a story?
Whether it’s an informative ‘about us’ page, articulate home page or use of resonating images that sum up your business or brand, make sure you communicate your brand persona in your website for best results.

4) Picture perfect
Make sure you use lots of engaging and relevant images on each page of your website. Images not only break up text, they make your website eye-catching and individual. Make sure you title all of your images too for best SEO results.

5) Does your website win you new business?
If not, it should. Recruitment tools such as newsletter sign-ups for data capture, powerful client testimonials to give your business more credibility, stats and case studies of your business track record and images of your products or services are all key in promoting your business.

Need help in building or designing your company website? Looking to refresh your existing website but don’t know where to start? Contact one of our team of web experts on 01243 792146 to see how we can help you get the most from your business website in 2017!