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The recent rebrand of Channel 4 has set tongues-a-wagging – from designers to marketers to animators, everyone has an opinion. The new creative treatment doesn’t appeal to everyone’s sense of aesthetic – but therein lies the secret of its success.

In an increasingly crowded marketplace of channeled content, Channel 4’s previously loud and respected voice was lost; and their own, ever-increasing portfolio of channels was serving only to increase the confusion.

With their share of viewers decreasing, their strategy has been to battle-back with a complete brand overhaul that will see them lead the charge for a greater share of viewership. Their portfolio of brands has now been united under one clear network identity and their tone of voice has evolved to become even more mischievous and non-conforming, ensuring that it makes that critical connection with the new generation of youth that has always been Channel 4’s primary audience.

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Images sourced from Evening Express article.