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As is well known amongst our clients and the local community, our studio and offices occupy an excellent vantage point on a busy one-way system in the centre of Chichester, West Sussex. A constant flow of traffic moves past our window on a daily basis and there’s always something interesting to see.

Very interesting indeed.

We had realised for quite a while that there must be a lack of adequate road markings or signage on the approach into the city, when a series of near-collisions were occurring right outside our front door.

We’d look up, just in time to witness someone turning the wrong way into the one-way system, and as they disappeared from view we’d await the sound of bumping cars with gritted teeth. It would only be a matter of time before a serious head-on collision occurred.

When telephone calls to the Highways Department seemed to have little effect, we turned to social media… Twitter to be precise… and tweeted our concerns about the lack of adequate signage.

A good move, as it turns out. Our friends at local newspaper The Chichester Observer spotted our tweet and, empathising with our plight, tweeted an offer to run a story in their paper.

We couldn’t quite believe what happened next! Leaving no time for the newspaper reporter to type up her notes, road maintenance men in high-vis yellow had been despatched, diligently daubing big white arrows on the road, leaving motorists in absolutely no doubt as to which direction to turn.

Suffice it to say we haven’t witnessed a wrong turn since.

Such is the power of social media!

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