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The household name PG Tips is introducing new branding and packaging. The previously pretty tired looking brand has been stripped back to its essentials by jones knowles ritchie.

Not a dissimilar approach to how the Coke brand was simplified through a rebrand taking it back to its core values and then expressing those in creative and refreshing ways. Read more on the coke rebrand here.

The new PG Tips identity is defined by simplicity and strength. Where previously 3D type was placed in a sunburst treatment above an over saturated tea plantation image, the new brand is much more contemporary, with a clean and strong look and a modernised, flat logo.

According to Unilever this is the first major brand change for PG tips in 19 years, following on from its pyramid-shaped teabag redesign in 1996.

PG Tips packaging

PG Tips rebrand

PG Tips rebrand