We were delighted to be awarded this project to work with West Sussex County Council (WSCC) and the British Libraries (Library On) to create a series of six impactful videos to promote local libraries as a free, welcoming and educational resource for everyone.

Working closely with a select team at WSCC, we were tasked with creating an engaging and inclusive marketing video to demonstrate how libraries are for everyone.

From initial storyboarding and shot list creation to attending video shoots to support with are and creative direction, our team provided technical support throughout the filming phase to ensure our clients vision became a reality.

Working across multiple library sites, liaising with wider library teams and volunteers who had been organised to feature in the videos, we created six 60-second videos to promote individual activity sessions and services that are available to anyone in the local community. We used our in-house creative expertise to create supporting animations, intro and outro graphics to create a final suite of videos that offered emotive, informative and fun footage to promote libraries as a community hub that is accessible to all.

Collaborating with library staff, we worked to a tight deadline to turn this project around in time for National Libraries Week with each of the six videos being shared online on WSCC digital platforms to showcase the footage created. We had great fun working on this project and the lovely libraries team, and were delighted with the end results!

  • Campaign branding
  • Campaign planning
  • Creative direction
  • Messaging
  • Social media
  • Animation
  • Storyboarding
  • Video production and editing

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