Monstrous Regiment is a former touring theatre company whose vision helped to transform the role of women in their field. Passionate about theatre, hungry for roles but tired of those that trivialised the female experience – throughout the 70s and 80s they made exciting political theatre that put women centre stage.

Monstrous Regiment had noticed Buzzword’s work on the design and build of website archives for both Chichester Festival Theatre and London’s Half Moon Theatre, and following a competitive pitch, they commissioned us to design and build a website archive that would not only ultimately become their legacy, but would also seek to inspire a new generation of minority groups looking to break through into their chosen fields.

Our approach to the design was to position Monstrous Regiment as an organisation that is still highly relevant. We gave them a contemporary look and feel, avoiding any design element that might consign them to the past. The idea that the fundamental position of the company was to ‘put women centre stage’ informed our work at every level.

You can view the new website here:

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