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The Ice Bucket Challenge, of which we’re sure you’re aware by now, has been THE fundraising phenomenon this summer!

Individuals and companies alike have been nominated by their friends, via social media, to pour a bucket of water over their head and raise awareness of the disease ALS (or Motor Neurone Disease), whilst filming the proceedings and subsequently posting them online. They then make a cash contribution to the charity.

Buzzword Creative Ice Bucket Challenge 2014It didn’t take long for this spectacle to reach our screens here in the studio and oh, how we laughed as we watched funny video after funny video of friends and clients receiving a thorough soaking with ice-cold water. We laughed that is, until one-by-one we found ourselves being nominated for our own individual Ice Bucket Challenges.  Aha! It didn’t seem quite so funny then.

However .. given that we work so well as a team here at Buzzword, and that we’re always up for a fun challenge, we decided we would undertake the IBC collectively, right here outside the studio. So, with the help of our ‘bucketeers’ Ash and Ben of Nute’s Design, we gathered in the car park after work and awaited our fate.

As luck would have it, the sun shone and just as the cameras were about to roll, our Account Director Margaret and her girls (on school holidays at the time) turned up, and completely unaware of what we were about to do, very sportingly joined in too!

Needless to say we all received a thoroughly good soaking …. in fact we could say that over-saturation was a positive thing for once!

(Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is a progressive disease that attacks the motor neurones, or nerves, in the brain and spinal cord.  The MND Association, which covers England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and the ALS Association, which operates in the USA, do the same type of work. The only real difference is what we call the disease).