Fitzroy making friends
Fitzroy learning skills
Fitzroy learning skills

Founded in 1962 by Elizabeth FitzRoy and John Williams, Petersfield-based FitzRoy is a national charity transforming the lives of people with learning disabilities, helping them to get the most out of life.

FitzRoy approached us to create three 1-minute branded films that challenge the viewer to ‘see the person’ rather than the disability.

Each film was to sensitively portray the people whom FitzRoy support doing things that empower them to live fulfilled lives; the ordinary things which every person has a basic right to do, like living independently and socialising with friends. Only at the end of the film would it be revealed that the person has a disability, therefore challenging the viewer.

The key objectives were to:

  • Illustrate FitzRoy’s belief in life beyond services for people with disabilities
  • Show their commitment to supporting people to become active citizens
  • Demonstrate that FitzRoy deliver safe, best practice support
  • Create instantly shareable content with a call to action
  • Motivate fundraisers to continue providing the support to transform lives.

The videos were produced in advertisement style (rather than a promotional film), shot in various locations and edited with no dialogue; with 85% of all Facebook users watching without sound it was important to rely heavily on the visuals to tell the story and allow the viewer to ‘see the person’. A background soundtrack was included for those watching with sound.

The videos were produced in time to coincide with the airing of Channel 4’s Undateables series, with FitzRoy’s service-users and staff members being featured in a number of episodes.

  • Design
  • Video Production
  • Storyboarding
  • Copy Writing

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