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How about a little time-out of the office to get some important work done?

Since Buzzword was formed, we’ve seen many of our clients face some common barriers to getting a new project off the ground or solving a business problem. Finding the time to focus, the constant need to answer emails, recurrent meetings, establishing a budget or simply knowing where to start, all stop you from tackling issues that will really help your business get ahead.

So, we’re very excited to introduce a new series of workshops to give you the space, inspiration and guidance to attack some of the most important marketing and communication challenges.


The workshops have been designed to be practical and hands-on. We want you to make progress on your challenge, not just sit-back and listen. Each workshop is oriented around a series of exercises to help you understand the issue, define the solution and plan your next steps. We recognise the process is often as important as the end-result, so we’ll guide you on topics such as working with stakeholders and budget setting too.

We’ve carefully selected a number of hotels and locations, that allow you to get out of the office and focus on the task. A chance to clear your mind and get inspiration, not just from the workshop and surroundings, but fellow workshop attendees who are facing similar challenges to yours.

Our first workshop, ‘Build an Inspiring Brand’, will help kickstart you on the journey to creating your own inspiring brand. The first two planned workshops will be in November in Chichester and Guildford.

For more information, and to book your place, check out our events page.

We look forward to seeing you there.