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Banksy recently hit the headlines with an unforgettable stunt that saw one of his pictures self-destruct after selling for £1m.

The frame surrounding Girl with Balloon had been fitted with a secret shredder that was programmed to activate as the hammer came down during a live auction at Sotheby’s; and as Banksy’s attempt to ridicule the art world brought a smile to the face of the general public, so it created a moment of pure Brand Love.

Brand Love is powerful – it turns people into fans, and it turns awareness into action. It does exactly what every business selling any product wants – it drives desire, loyalty and endorsement amongst its customers.

And the good news is that any brand can have it… but it does have to be earned. The first step is to allow your brand to become more appealing and more relevant to your potential customer, because then you enable it with a personality that allows it to deliver the unforgettable moments that strike a chord with its audience, and in turn, develop the long-term loyal customer.

In the world of Brand Love, fortune really does favour the brave, as Jo Moore, Executive Brand Director at Lenovo, who is currently positioning the brand against the ‘less is more’ strategy embraced by her key competitor, explains:

“More is more. More colour, more attitude, more personality, more life. It’s about daring to be different and not continuing to play among the sea of sameness. Because different really is better.”

And who could dare to disagree? We live in an age when brands with controversial and mischievous points-of-view lead the field. The dominating influence of these brands is demonstrated by TBWA’s McDonald’s ad where, in homage to Banksy’s stunt, a packet of fries appears half inside a picture frame and the neatly shredded chips appear through the bottom of the frame: even the most homogenous of brands it would seem, wishes to trade on the daring of Banksy.

Brave, sweet, comic or just plain cool, all brands need extraordinary moments that foster Brand Love. Buzzword’s brand experts will develop the ideas that ensure that your brand creates the moments of Brand Love that in return will delivery the loyalty of your customer.

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