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Rainbows are colourful beacons of hope that appear after a bad storm.

We are all living through the storm that is COVID-19, but it’s crucial to spread the hope and remember that the sun will come out again soon and a rainbow will appear. 

You may have noticed children’s drawings and images of rainbows nicely displayed in the windows of people’s homes. 

These pictures are not only adding vibrant colour to neighbourhoods, but are actually part of a new online trend and campaign. 

The rainbow trend titled “Chase the Rainbow” is an initiative that started by Alice Aske as a reminder to spread positivity and hope in response to schools closing, due to the UK’s lockdown. 

Most children in the UK are having to do their schoolwork at home, and have no knowledge of when they will be able to return or even see their friends. 

The campaign has touched many people in the UK, as they’ve seen the pictures when going for walks and children are encouraged to participate and create their own drawings to display as well.

On social media, there are even different Instagram accounts dedicated to sharing images of the rainbows, with popular hashtags being used such as: #rainbowtrail and #chasetherainbow2020.

We want to join in spreading the message of positivity and hope, so some of the team here at Buzzword have asked their children to draw and paint colourful rainbows too, seen below. 

Children's drawing of a rainbow and a pot of gold with the words 'you are awesome in every single way' in purple writing and stars above

Two children's paintings of colourful rainbows on a table

Children's drawing of a rainbow with the words 'stay safe' written above it

Children's drawing of a rainbow, globe, and moon, with 'Love the World' written aboveIf you’re reading this, we want you to remember that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and we hope our rainbow pictures have put a smile on your face and have given you some hope today. 

Upload your own, or your children’s rainbow pictures and tag us @buzzwordcreative on Instagram. We’d love to see your drawings, and share them on our Stories to continue spreading vibrant positivity! 

We hope everyone is remaining in good spirits, and thinking of the positives. 

Until next time. 🌈