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Buzzword is delighted to have recently been tasked with the design and print of a series of brochures to communicate the range of products available to purchase from Amphenol, who manufacture connectors and interconnect systems for applications within the mil-aero, telecom and industrial markets.

The brochures needed to hold together as a definite series and remain firmly within the company’s brand guidelines.

Amphenol’s product is firmly masculine and that was the approach we took with the look and feel of this brochure series; the imagery used on the brochure covers therefore are dramatic, dynamic and masculine shots of the military vehicles which Amphenol’s product is part of.

Sara Bushby, Marketing Communications Manager at Amphenol said, “We love the look and feel of these brochures, the radar idea neatly divides up the images and provides another point of interest.”

“Our product range is well laid-out and accessible to the reader. A great job.”

Amphenol’s product range is showcased in detail throughout the inside pages of the brochure.