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Fast becoming a legendary fixture in the calendar, the annual Buzzword Christmas Bash took place last Friday. This year’s fancy dress theme was year of birth, giving us a good range of material from which to choose.

In the past we have willingly rocked up at various local establishments dressed with creative panache, as:

  • Font styles
  • Classic album covers
  • American icons
  • Children’s characters from TV and film
  • 20th century advertising icons, and
  • Classic book titles

Each year in the weeks leading up to the event we secretly apply our best creative skills in choosing, planning and cobbling together our respective outfits, with hilarious results on the day of reveal. And then we inflict our creativity upon the good folk of Chichester, usually with reactions ranging from shock to amusement to misinterpretation to bemusement.

So Buzzbash2015’s efforts were (from left to right):

Paula: Mr Benn
Ben: Dr Hannibal Lecter
Ash: Sid Vicious (with a modern twist)
Margaret: Summer of Love hippy
Janice: The Fantastic Mr(s) Fox
Siri: George Michael
Adam: Andy Warhol
Kirsteen: Blondie
Tom: Indiana Jones
Tim D: Monty Python’s DP Gumby
Claire (behind the camera): The Sound of Music


Now to get our thinking caps (hats/handkerchiefs/masks) on for the theme for 2016…

Merry Christmas everyone!